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Board of Directors
Darryl LaingPresident
Sue TindaleVice President
Lori LaingSecretary
Mary Anne SchramTreasurer
Gerri UrquhartVisitation Director
Mary-Anne SchramMedia Director
Wayne BalcaenDirector

Our service has grown from simple hospital visits to include legal, moral and rehabilitation guidance.  Some of the areas that A.I.M. addresses:

A.I.M. seeks to assist victims unable to return to their former occupation.  At present, this objective is achieved by referral to existing education and rehabilitation agencies and institutions.  As membership and charitable donations grow, A.I.M. hopes to expand its services in this area.

Membership input through hospital visits, guidance, meetings and recreational activities.  A.I.M also supplies the hospital victims with reading material, TV rentals and locates specialty wheel chairs as needed.

Lawyers in the membership to give legal counsel and support to the individuals and the Society as a whole.

Public awareness
Helping the general public through education realise the road must be shared.  Consistent with this goal, A.I.M. also assists other motorcycle organisations in promoting safety and awareness.  A.I.M. also publishes a quarterly newsletter that is mailed to our members and can also be picked up at various motorcycle shops.

Directors, regional representatives and members serve the association on a volunteer basis.  The directors are voted into these positions by members in good standing on a yearly basis.

Funding for A.I.M. is attained by the membership fees, donations and recreational functions.  The fee for membership runs from the month you originally take out your membership, and is due the following year at the same time.

A.I.M. is not a "motorcycle club" but an organized cause.

[Association for Injured Motorcyclists]

The Association for Injured Motorcyclists

Serving over 250,000 on-and-off road motorcyclists throughout the province, A.I.M. is a benevolent, non-profit society registered under the Provincial Societies Act and holding a Federal Charitable Tax Number.  A.I.M. is committed to assisting injured motorcyclists by providing knowledge of rights, assistance with emotional support as well as regular hospital visits and by helping with aspects of recovery not covered by other agencies.  It is operated solely by volunteers and relies on memberships and donations for funding.


Our history (AIM North) [Association for Injured Motorcyclists, Northern BC]

In 1983 the Association for Injured Motorcyclists was formed by a group of injured riders in Vancouver BC.  They all had a like-minded goal of providing a support and information network to help other injured riders from their experiences.  By 1987 the movement had expanded throughout BC with branches or chapters forming in other regions of the province, including Vancouver Island, Kelowna, the Kootneys, North Coast, and Prince George.  All chapters were to be autonomus and operate individually, while still protecting the name and logo of the parent chapter in Vancouver.  Lending advise and guidance to the chapters became quite difficult, so the chapters formed a Governing body to take on the role of advising and guiding the new chapters, as well as the formation of new chapters and expanding across Canada; AIM-CAN was born.

During the early- to mid-1990s the Prince George Chapter encountered some turbulent times, and closed doors leaving our area without representation until 1997 when the chapter was re-opened, with the help of the Kelowna Chapter, at an event called Skull Run.  We re-opened and operated as the Northern BC Chapter Association for Injured Motorcyclists.  The goal was to rebuild and restructure our Chapter and to lend aid to fallen riders.  In that time the North Coast Chapter had also fallen, therefore expanding our coverage area to the North Coast and as far North as Dawson Creek and area.

During this time the Northern BC chapter remained a fledgling chapter, taking the time to become self-sufficient and proving we could operate as a full chapter, and in August 2003 at the AIM-CAN AGM we were granted full chapter status as the Northern BC Chapter Association for Injured Motorcyclists member of AIM-CAN.  We continue to operate as such, and our goal remains true to the start:  To aid and assist any rider without prejudice during that time of need

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